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CD releases

‘Cages for the Wind’

Stephan Prock's settings of poems by Alistair Te Ariki Campbell


From Garden to Grave
Jenny Macleod's settings of text by Katherine Mansfield
Waiteata Collection of
New Zealand Music

Stranger in a Strange Land 
Songs by Richard Fuchs
Rollover Productions

Burning Bright
Works of four New Zealand women composers
Kiwi Pacific


Embodying Voice: Singing Verdi, Singing Wagner

Margaret Medlyn – Routledge 2019

This book articulates the process of developing an operatic voice, explaining how and why the training of such a voice is as complex and sophisticated as it is mysterious. It illustrates how putting together a voice, embodying a sound, and creating a character are vital to an audience’s emotional involvement and enjoyment. Embodying Voice highlights the singer’s creative agency to be co-creator of the composer’s music. It explores the ways in which vocal performance is constructed and controlled, connecting layers of mind and bodily engagement that allow operatic singers to achieve expression beyond the text itself. Further reading, listening, and performance lists are provided at the end of each chapter, withmusical examples throughout.

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  • Walking the High wire: Performance as Research
    a2ru Conference, Boston, November, 2017
  • Great Ideas: A Revolutionary in Music: Richard Wagner
    VUW Online presentation, 2016
  • Singing Strauss' Music: Transparency and Emotion – NZSO, August, 2016
  • Performance is a venture beyond the limits of life: How vocality on stage has creatively enlivened traditional practice
    New Zealand Musicological Society, Wellington, 2015
  • Singing is being: A ripple in the god: Opera singer's creative embodiment in Verdi
    CMPCP, Cambridge, UK, 2014.
  • If you've got it, flaunt it: Chest voice revealed
    New Zealand Musicological Society, Wellington, Nov, 2014 
    "Opera and the Arts of the Emotions" Conference, Melbourne, 2016
  • Embodying Kundry: Voice, Breath, Narrative and Metamorphosis
    MSA/ NZMS Joint Conference, Brisbane, Nov 2013.
  • Embodiment: how opera singers connect mind and body
    NZMS, Auckland, 2012.
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